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Maxime Bradette


Master student

Department of Civil Engineering and Water Engineering, Université Laval

Adrien-Pouliot Building
1065 avenue de la Médecine
Université Laval
Quebec, Canada
G1V 0A6







Projet de recherche

Thermic insulation cellular glass

The research project I have the opportunity to work on consists in developing and optimizing a thermal insulator, the cellular glass. This product is composed of glass material, which is mixed with a foaming product. This mix is heated at about 800 degrees Celsius and expands to create the final product. The final product is a very porous and light material. These characteristics make the material very interesting for use as insulator or light embankment.

In an era where the environment is in the focus of our preoccupations, this material is very interesting because it is composed of recycled glass. Studies show that it is as performant as the isolation material mainly used in Québec, the polystyrene. Therefore, the objectif of my research project consists in finding the characteristics, like the granulometry, that will optimize the insulant character of this product. With the help of lab experiments, I will be able to determine these properties of the cellular glass granulates that will optimize its insulant character. Tests will be made to find out the ideal granulometry and saturation degree, for example. Field studies are also on the planning. We have test boards in Rouyn-Noranda and in Châteauguay. These sites will be visited during Summer 2018 to collect data.

Location of the research site
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