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January 6, 2022NEIGE 2022. Time series of water temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, chlorophyll a, fluorescence and irradiance (PAR) in Ward Hunt Lake, High Arctic, Nunavut, Canada, v. 1 (2016-2018). Nordicana D79, doi: 10.5885/45678CE-5FCDB55196324288.
December 16, 2021Antoniades, D., Klanten, Y., Lapointe, A-M., Marois, C., Triglav, K., Muir, D.C.G., Wang, X., Bonilla,S., Culley, A, Vincent, W.F. 2021. Limnological data from Stuckberry Valley, northern Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, v. 1.200000 (2017-2019). Nordicana D83, doi: 10.5885/45690CE-5714F25354274D62.
October 25, 2021Fortier, D., Bouchard, F., Zhang Z., Coulombe,S. 2021. Organic matter content and grain size distribution in lake sediment cores, Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada., v. 1.100000 (2015-2015). Nordicana D52, doi: 10.5885/45603CE-21852993EE434926.
October 7, 2021Poirier, M., Fauteux, D., Gauthier, G., Dominé, F., Lamarre, J.F. 2021. Data from an experimental study to determine the impact of snow hardness on lemming locomotion, v. 1 (2019-2019). Nordicana D95, doi: 10.5885/45747CE-3BA23A9A7C48406B.
October 7, 2021Fortier, D., Sliger, M., Gagnon, S., Rioux, K. 2021. Ground temperature in natural conditions along the Alaska Highway at the Beaver Creek Road Experimental Site, Yukon, Canada, v. 1.0 (2008-2020). Nordicana D94, doi: 10.5885/45738CE-D75F3C9342D34C83.
August 6, 2021Copland, L., Mueller, D. 2021. Climate station data from Purple Valley at the head of Milne Fiord, northern Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada., v. 1 (2009-2019). Nordicana D93, doi: 10.5885/45735XD-011EA11523034D87.
August 3, 2021Blais, M.A., Matveev, A., Vincent, W.F. 2021. Limnological and pigment data from the Great Whale River and surrounding surface waters., v. 1 (2018-2018). Nordicana D92, doi: 10.5885/45741CE-38138EC6C8E849AD.
July 29, 2021Domine F., Lackner G., Sarrazin D., Poirier M., Belke-Brea M. 2021. Meteorological, snow and soil data from Bylot Island, Canadian High Arctic, for driving and testing snow and land surface models, v. 1.100000 (2013-2019). Nordicana D86, doi: 10.5885/45693CE-02685A5200DD4C38.

Nordicana D - Mission

Published by the CEN - Centre for Northern Studies since 1964, Nordicana publishes research results such as northern symposia, lexicons, monographs, essays or theses.

The CEN Network yields a wealth of data and the demands from CEN researchers and from external users for subsets of these data are increasing. Consequently, the CEN has decided to implement the collection Nordicana D.

Nordicana series D is a formatted, online data report series archived at CEN. It is produced only in electronic form and is freely and openly accessible to CEN researchers and to other users. Nordicana D has been conceived to aid the management of data sets, to ensure and maximize the exchange and accessibility of relevant data for the different stakeholders, and to provide a lasting legacy of CEN monitoring and research activities.

How Nordicana D works

Raw data, already published, are available in this collection but are constantly updated data. Unpublished data are also available.

Each issue is published in French and in English, and is indexed via an assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Each issue contains data sets and extensive metadata that explain the origin of the data, the format of the data, the history of updates via different version numbers, and the format that should be adopted to cite the data. An issue may be updated with new data for example, will have a new version number, but will retain the same DOI.

You will find on this site, complete metadata, links to download the data and information on how to properly cite the data available on Nordicana D. We strongly suggest that you use the most recent data available.