CEN Joint Projects

CEN's "Joint Projects" program is designed to help regular members initiate new team projects and create new synergies.

Joint Projects are new research initiatives led by at least 2 regular CEN members (co-investigators). The objectives of this internal funding program are

The involvement of more than one institution in a joint project is an advantage in obtaining this financial support. The representativeness of the institutions will also be taken into account in the evaluation of joint projects.

Not to be missed! A new competition for the Joint Projects program will open in 2025. To find out how to apply, visit the dedicated page.

Kinnard, arbuste_neige, BigFormat

Effect of shrubs on snow mantle thickness and thermal regime in Arctic tundra

Joint project 2023-2025 led by Christophe Kinnard and Florent Dominé on the influence of shrubs on the thickness and thermal regime of the snow mantle in the Arctic tundra.

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A.Roy, FeuKoroc, BigFormat

A forest fire in the Koroc Valley in the Low Arctic? Ecological consequences of a rare event

Joint 2023-2025 project led by Alexandre Roy, Esther Lévesque, Dominique Arseneault and Vincent Maire on the ecological consequences of a rare fire event in the Southern Arctic.

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P.Legagneux, J. Gigault, nanoP, BigFormat

Nanoparticle Analysis and Search for Anthropocene Markers in High Arctic Biological Archives

Joint 2023-2025 project led by Julien Gigault, Pierre Legagneux and Gilles Gauthier on nanoparticles and Anthropocene markers in High Arctic biological archives

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