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CEN members honoured for their invaluable contribution to research
June 21, 2019

CEN researcher Monique Bernier becomes the first woman to receive the prestigious Larry Morley Gold Medal from the Canadian Society for Remote Sensing. Professor Bernier has maintained close ties with the Society throughout her career, including chairing it from 2009 to 2014. The Society acknowledges Ms. Bernier's exemplary contribution to the remote sensing sector in Canada as a researcher, professor and through her unifying involvement in several organizations, including the Association Québécoise de télédétection.


Researcher Warwick F. Vincent had the honour of being one of the first four recipients of the Helmholtz International Fellow Award, and the accompanying €20,000 prize. The Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres awards this prize to renowned foreign researchers who collaborate with one of the Helmholtz research centres. Professor Vincent is collaborating with the Alfred Wegener Institute to better understand the effects of climate change on northern geo-ecosystems.


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