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June 20, 2017

The rough-legged hawk, a circumpolar bird of prey nesting in the North, built its nest on rocky cliffs or steep slopes which are threatened by natural hazards linked to climate change. A study published in Arctic Science and signed by Andréanne Beardsell, a CEN student, with her supervisors Gilles Gauthier and Daniel Fortier, by Joël Bêty and their collaborator, relate the results from the monitoring of dozens of nests on Bylot Island in the Canadian Arctic. The researchers have found that some nests were destroyed by geomorphological events such as mass movements. These events had little effect on the hawks’ reproductive success during the period of the study, however, with the recent intensification of the changes in the Arctic, the availability of safe, stable nesting sites could be limited thereby affecting the abundance and distribution of the species.

For more information: La Fil May 2017, original paper on Arctic Science and also Le Fil September 2016 (in French) .



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