Membership - Researchers


Member Categories

The following membership categories meet the new FRQNT rules and were adopted by the CEN members at the April 21, 2021 Executive Committee meeting.

Regular Members

An academic or practice-based researcher who is responsible or co-responsible for the scientific direction of one or more research projects in the CEN's scientific programming (full-time equivalent: >=50% .).

Regular members who work within a FRQNT strategic cluster should normally devote the majority of their research activities to the cluster's scientific programming. Some researchers may be members of more than one cluster. In such cases, they must demonstrate the rationale and specify the type of participation and the time spent on activities in each of the clusters in which they participate.

Collaborating Members

An academic or practice-based researcher who is responsible for certain tasks related to one or more research projects in the CEN's scientific program (full-time equivalent: 49% and less).


Financial Benefits
  • Regular members are eligible for the CEN funding program;
  • Financial support for the organization of federative events, guest speakers, joint publications, etc.
  • Substantial discounts for your (and your students') stays at the CEN network's northern stations in Nunavik and Nunavut;
  • Financial support for aircraft charters in Nunavik;
  • CEN promotional codes for significant discounts on flights and cargo with Air Inuit;
  • Discounts on analyses at the radiochronology laboratory;
  • Numerous CEN awards and scholarships for your students.
Research in the North
  • Priority access to CEN infrastructure and research stations in Nunavik and Nunavut;
  • Access to the research vessel Louis-Edmond Hamelin;
  • Access to the numerous environmental data of the SILA network via Nordicana D;
  • Co-production of research with northern communities;
  • Access to CEN's northern know-how.
Networking and Collaborative Research Opportunities
  • Participation in the annual CEN symposium;
  • Participation in the spring meeting;
  • Participation in workshops and research on the Northern Gradient Project (axis 4);
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other researchers of various expertise, with the support of CEN staff.
  • Wide distribution network for offers of study projects or jobs within your laboratory.

Application for Membership

To apply, you must send your application to the CEN coordination (

Application Package

Your application package should include:

  • a cover letter indicating your motivation for joining CEN, your existing/planned collaborations with CEN members, and a description of how your research fits into CEN's research focus;
  • a letter of support from a regular CEN member;
  • your curriculum vitae (no format required);
  • the membership category you wish to apply for.
Candidate Evaluation

Applications from researchers are evaluated upon receipt by the Steering Committee. The decision is communicated to the applicant by the CEN Scientific Coordinator.

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