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To recognize the outstanding work done by undergraduate students, the CEN offers a scholarship of excellence for research work done during the bachelor's degree. More specifically, this scholarship is intended to support students attending conferences or being the first author of a scientific publication. The amounts awarded will be the same as for graduate students (see details in the following sections).

Please note that only 10 undergraduate awards are available per year. A student can apply for more than one award on a given year.

The CEN’s undergraduate student awards aim to:

  • Encourage excellence in its student members,
  • Recognize their academic achievements,
  • Increase their income,
  • Promote the CEN’s visibility.

Students who benefit from CEN awards are encouraged to include these recognitions in their resume.

These awards, scholarships and financial assistance are made possible through funding provided to the CEN Strategic Cluster by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec Nature et Technologies (FRQNT). The objective of the CEN Strategic Cluster is to promote synergy and collaboration among its members.

Deadline for applications and amounts awarded

All awards will be evaluated once a year, following March 1st.

Applications for awards, scholarships and financial assistance must be submitted by March 1 in order to be eligible for that year's competition. Any applications submitted after the dates listed will be evaluated in the following year. This is done to facilitate budget management and to ensure that all eligible applicants receive support from the CEN rather than establishing competitive criteria, and to avoid prioritization on a first come, first served basis.

The amount awarded for each award can be subject to change without notice based on the number of applications received. If the number of applications exceeds the budget, students will receive a percentage of the maximum amount of the award for which they have applied. This percentage will vary depending on the total number of applications received. The amounts indicated on the CEN Awards webpage are therefore indicative and represent the maximum amounts that can be awarded and not the amounts necessarily awarded.

All applications must be submitted via the CEN intranet or via email:

If you have any questions about the awards program, or if you would like to have your supporting documents pre-approved, please contact your Student Committee:

Prizes available for undergraduate students

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