Thesis Submission Award

For: Graduates



Congratulations, you have completed your graduate studies! The CEN is pleased to recognize this important step in your career by offering you the Thesis Submission Award.


  • $200 for a master's thesis, and;
  • $400 for a doctoral thesis.

Eligibility requirements

Application for this award may be submitted up to one year after the final submission of the master's thesis or doctoral dissertation. The student will be required to submit a final version of his/her thesis to CEN. Through this procedure, the CEN will be able to collect information concerning the various research projects carried out within the framework of the Centre's scientific activities. Please note that this award can be added to the Jean-Huot Performance Excellence Award.

Supporting documents

  • Proof of the date of final submission of the thesis;
  • The copy (in pdf format) of the thesis after the final deposit.

Application Deadline

March 1st of each year.

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