Presentation Award

For: Graduates, Undergraduates



These awards for oral or poster communication aim to recognize the active participation of students on the national and international scientific scene.


The amount allocated depends on the type of presentation (oral or poster) and if it was performed in person, or virtually:

In person:

  • Poster ($200);
  • Oral presentation ($300).

Virtual :

  • Poster ($150);
  • Oral presentation ($250).

A $100 bonus will be awarded if you publish a paper in the peer-reviewed Conference proceedings.

Eligibility requirements

  • Presentation in work groups or workshops are not accepted;
  • The student must be the first author of the oral or poster communication on work done at the CEN;
  • The student must present the oral or poster presentation themself;
  • It is possible to receive an award for an oral and poster presentation presented at the same conference;
  • Each student can receive a maximum of 2 awards for posters and 2 awards for oral presentation each year;
  • The Arctic Change conference is eligible, while the ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting is not eligible due to budgetary constraints.

Supporting documents

A copy of the official letter of acceptance to the conference. The letter must clearly indicate the student's participation in an oral or poster presentation.

A document presented at the conference indicating the student's affiliation with the Centre for Northern Studies (i.e., CEN logo). This may be the official conference programme and/or the poster/slide presentation.

Proof of attendance at the conference or online (copy of local invoices, boarding pass, photos or screenshot from the online platform).

If you are publishing in the proceedings, please include:

  • A copy of the official acceptance letter for the article;
  • A copy of the first page of the published article (or manuscript if the article is not yet published) including the authors and their affiliations and the abstract as submitted. The affiliation of the researcher responsible for the project with the NCE must be mentioned. The student does not necessarily have to put his/her affiliation with CEN, since he/she is not an official member of CEN;
  • Evidence that the manuscript has been submitted to the peer review process.

Application Deadline

March 1st of each year.


Application for this award may be submitted after participation in the conference. To determine your eligibility prior to conference, you may request an agreement in principle by email ( In all cases, a post-conference application must be completed and accompanied by all supporting documents. Only after the application and supporting documents have been received will the award be paid.

If the student does not have an Intranet account, the application can be sent directly to the CEN Student Committee by email (


We strongly encourage CEN members to add the CEN and FRQNT logo to their presentation or poster.

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