Parental Leave Financial Support

For: Graduates



This financial aid is intended to support students who have parental responsibilities following the birth of a child or an adoption.


The amount awarded is $1,500. However, the CEN Student Committee reserves the right to lower this amount depending on the number of applications made per year, as a fixed proportion of the total amount allocated to awards, scholarships and financial aid is devoted to this financial aid.

Eligibility requirements

It is intended for CEN members who had their child at least 6 months after the beginning of their program (master's or doctorate), and at least 3 months before their final thesis submission. If two parents are CEN members, only one of them can benefit from this financial support. This financial support can only be claimed once during their programme (once at the Master's level and once at the Doctoral level). The application must be submitted within two years of the birth or adoption of your child or up to one year after the final deposit (whichever comes first).

The financial aid will only be awarded upon the student-parent's return to school (full or part-time), as it is intended for students returning to school after having a child. Please apply only after you have returned from your parental leave (if one was taken).

Supporting documents

Please povide:

  • Child's birth or adoption certificate (please contact DCÉ for more information);
  • Proof of having returned to school following your parental leave, if applicable (for example, proof of enrolment (official or unofficial) in the university session upon your return). Proof of attendance at the conference or online (copy of local invoices, boarding pass, photos or screenshot from the online platform).


Application deadline: March 1st of each year.

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