Mobility Scholarship for an Internship or Exchange Programme

For: Graduates



This scholarship promotes inter-institution learning and is intended for graduate students who wish to participate in an exchange programme (credited or uncredited, unpaid) in a university or research institution or centre. Applications must be submitted after the participation in the internship or exchange programme on Intranet and must be accompanied by all supporting documents. Only after the application and supporting documents have been received will the scholarship be paid. If requested, an agreement in principle can be provided to the student if they require an early evaluation of their eligibility for the scholarship. If the student requires an agreement in principle before the next scholarship submission deadline, they must inform the student committee by email ( and provide proof of acceptance to the internship or exchange program from the host institution.

It is possible to obtain the mobility scholarship more than once, but the internships must be done in different places and the applications filled out in different grant years (the year starts on March 1st and ends on February 28th or 29th of the following year).


The amount awarded will cover the student's expenses up to a maximum of $1,000 (per year).

Internships of less than 3 weeks are not eligible.

Supporting documents

  • Letter of acceptance of the research visit;
  • A detailed report of expenses and other sources of funding, including copies of supporting documentation (copies of invoices, transportation tickets, other funding provided);
  • Evidence of other sources of funding used to finance the internship (supervisor's research funds, North Sentinel, etc.), as this award should be a financial supplement and not the sole source of funding;
  • Summary of the knowledge acquired and the main work done during the internship (max 250 words).


January 1st, March 1st and September 1st of each year.

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