CEN Joint Project Grant

For: Regular members only


Description and objectives

CEN's "Joint Projects" program is designed to help regular members initiate new team projects and create new synergies.

Joint projects are new research initiatives led by at least 2 regular CEN members (co-investigators). The objectives of this internal grant program are :

  1. to encourage the creation of new collaborations between CEN members;
  2. support existing collaborations and;
  3. support the integration of new regular CEN members at the start of their careers.

The involvement of more than one institution in a joint project is an asset in obtaining this financial support. Also, the representativeness of institutions in the awarding of joint projects is taken into account during their evaluation.

Funding offered

3 to 5 grants of a maximum value of $15,000/year each. Possibility of renewal for a second year depending on the progress of the research team.

Terms and conditions

Call for joint projects:

Competitive, normally once every two years. Applications open to CEN regular members only.

Eligible Expenses:

  • Purchase or transportation of equipment in the North;
  • Bursary for graduate student;
  • Remuneration of research assistants (student personnel);
  • Travel and living expenses in the North.

Non-eligible expenses:

  • Salary of research professionals;
  • Travel costs to attend conferences.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Team consisting of at least two CEN regular members;
  • Only new research initiatives are funded, but funding received may be complementary to other sources of funding (e.g. a recently funded FRQNT team project);
  • This funding may be used to add a new "component" or "phase" to an existing research project. It is essential to justify the innovative and incremental aspect of the proposed initiative to the existing project.


  • Adhesion to the CEN for of all HQP working on the joint project during the 1st year of this project;
  • List of all CEN members involved, including those with collaborative status;
  • Financial report;
  • Progress report (500 words);
  • List of scientific or public communications - publications, reports, presentations; vignettes, dissertations, theses, etc. (where financial support from the CEN and FRQNT must be clearly identified);
  • List of media coverage;
  • List of grants obtained in connection with this funding;
  • Photos to illustrate the project with the right for the CEN to use these photos to illustrate the research work of its members in the North.

Evaluation criteria

  • Adequacy with the scientific program of the CEN;
  • Quality of the project;
  • Composition of the team.


To apply, please complete the following form and send it by email to coordination@cen.ulaval.ca. Incomplete or late applications will be automatically rejected.

Download the Joint Project Form (In French).

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