CEN Scholarship Supplements

For: Regular members only


Description and Objectives

This scholarship supplement was set up to help CEN student members who are doing interdisciplinary work under the co-direction of at least 2 regular CEN members, and whose studies last slightly longer than the time prescribed by their institution. The aim of this supplement is to lighten the tax burden of student members at the end of their course, so that they can concentrate fully on their study project.

Funding available

  • Two doctoral scholarship supplements of $7,500 for one year, with the possibility of renewal for an additional year depending on the scholar's progress.
  • Three Master's scholarship supplements of $5,000 for a single year.

Terms and Conditions

Call for proposals:

Competitively, once every 2 years at PhD level and once a year at Master's level. Applications must be submitted by at least two regular CEN members for one student member under their co-supervision. An application for a scholarship supplement may, but need not, be linked to an application for a joint project grant. If this is the case, do not complete this form, but only the scholarship supplement portion of the joint project application form.

Eligibility requirements:

The research project must be in line with CEN's scientific program.

A CEN student member receiving a CEN scholarship supplement must be supervised by two regular CEN members.

Student members of CEN who receive a 2nd or 3rd cycle scholarship from FRQNT, NSERC or the Garfield Weston Foundation are not eligible.

At the time of application, CEN student members must have begun their program of study:

  1. Master's degree for 4 sessions or less;
  2. Ph.D. for 6 sessions or less to qualify for a one-time renewable award; or
  3. doctorate for 7 to 9 sessions to be eligible for a non-renewable scholarship.


At mid-term (for PhDs only) and at the end of the project.

  • CEN student membership is required for payment of the supplement.
  • Project progress (500 words - at mid-term when renewing 2nd year PhD).
  • List of scientific or general public communications - publications, reports, presentations, capsules, dissertations, theses, etc. (where financial support from CEN and FRQNT is clearly identified).
  • List of media coverage.
  • Photos to illustrate the project, with the right for CEN to use these photos to illustrate the research work of its members in the North.

Evaluation criteria

  • Project quality
  • Composition of the management team (new collaborations, interdisciplinary projects, the presence of regular CEN members at the start of their career and members from different institutions will be judged favorably).


To apply, complete the following form and e-mail it to: coordination@cen.ulaval.ca. Incomplete or late applications will be automatically rejected.

Download the CEN Scholarship Supplement form (FR).

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