Award for Outreach Contributing to the CEN’s Visibility

For: Graduates



This award is intended for graduate students who promote the CEN through outreach and dissemination activities. To be eligible, activities must be local, regional or international in scope.


The amount allocated for the CEN Outreach Award is $200.

A limit of 3 activities will be awarded for Master's students during their programme, and 5 activities for PhD students. There is no limit per year, only for the full length of the programme. The outreach activity must be on a northern topic (related to the research topic or not) and can be done up to one year after the final submission. The application must also be made up to one year after the final thesis submission .

Eligibility requirements

You must include verbally state the CEN’s contribution to your activity, and include the CEN’s logo (if applicable) in order to be eligible for this award.

Examples of activities that are eligible:

  • Reports for newspapers, radio, television;
  • Workshops conducted/shared with northern communities;
  • Public lectures (e.g., Pint of Science);
  • Presentations to students in the North or South;
  • Outreach articles, with the student member as lead author

Examples that are not eligible :

  • A post on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram;
  • An article in your university newspaper;
  • Submission to outreach competitions such as My Thesis in 180 Seconds or My Northern Project;
  • CEN organized outreach activities;
  • A video on your personal YouTube channel (unless you show us that your video has had significant or meaningful visibility/reach; the student committee will decide whether to accept your request);
  • A post on your personal blog (unless you can show us that your blog has had significant or meaningful visibility/impact; the student committee will decide whether to accept your request).

Supporting documents

  • A summary of the activity (e.g., schedule, activity plan...);
  • A copy of an article, audio recording or video clip sent to the Dedicated Student Committee. Affiliation with the Centre for Northern Studies must be clearly indicated;
  • In the event that a copy cannot be sent to the Dedicated Student Committee (during an unrecorded face-to-face activity or on a radio/television station where access to the recording is limited), the student may either:

    Inform the Dedicated Student Committee of the extension activity at least 8 working days prior to the extension activity so that verification can be completed


    Have a participant sign a letter attesting to the activity and mentioning the CEN during the activity.


March 1st of each year.

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