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PhD Offer 2024-2028 Laval University

Nov. 10, 2023

CP: Joelle Voglimacci

Photo credit: Joëlle Voglimacci-Stephanopoli

General Information

A PhD in ecology and genomics is offered under the supervision of Nicolas Derome (UL-Department of Biology) and the co-supervision of Claude Robert (UL-Faculté des Sciences de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation).

This research project aims to better understand the biotic and abiotic factors underlying the homeostasis of the interaction between ungulates (caribou, muskox and moose) and their community of microbial symbionts (microbiota).

See the full proposal for more details.

To apply

To apply, please send by January 31, 2024:

Send to Nicolas Derome, Department of Biology, Université Laval, Québec, Canada: nicolas.derome@bio.ulaval.ca

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