Reservations - Camion Sienna

To make a reservation:

Email only:
You must be member of the CEN

The maximum reservation period is 7 days

If you make a reservation and you are a student, you have to send the reservation e-mail as cc to the researcher in charge.
The keys for the vehicle can be picked at the CEN secretariat between 8h00 and 16h00 from Monday to Friday. If you plan to leave early in the morning (prior to 8h00), you can retrieve the keys the day before of your departure, HOWEVER, you are not allowed to bring the vehicle home for the night. You must leave it parked at the University and retrieve it according to the reservation schedule.
The following information is requested:
  • Model of the vehicule(Sienna or Tacoma)
  • Name of the researcher in charge
  • Name of the person who makes the reservation
  • Project number (2 letters and 6 digits, e.g. : GC123456)
  • Reason of the location / destination
  • Date and hour of departure
  • Date and hour of return
If any of the requested information is missing, your reservation will not be processed.

Fees :

For use within the city (radius of 80 km) = $0,38/km (gas is included)
For use beyond the city (> 160 km retour trip) = $55/day (gas not included, at your expense)
If you take the vehicle before the original booking, additional fees of $ 25/half day and / or $ 50/day will be charged.

If responsible for an accident, the deductible of $ 500 is divided equally between CEN and the researcher in charge.

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