Reservations - Téléphone Iridium CEN01

To make a reservation:

Email only:
You must be member of the CEN

If you make a reservation and you are a student, you have to send the reservation e-mail as cc to the researcher in charge.
The following information is requested:
  • Name of the researcher in charge
  • Name of the person who makes the reservation
  • Project number (2 letters and 6 digits, e.g. : GC123456)
  • Administrative unit (5 digits, e.g. : 06200)
  • Reason of the location / destination
  • Date and hour of departure
  • Date and hour of return
If any of the requested information is missing, your reservation will not be processed.


Global Prepaid card 75 / 75 minutes valid for 30 days: $179.95 + $5.00 for delivery fees (2016 price).
Each user is responsible for paying activation fees and the minutes used. He/she is responsible for the battery in the phone and must charge the battery before departure. The user is responsible for the replacement of any lost or damaged parts.
For the activation and to choose a package, please contact:
Ms Anny Tremblay
Cellulaire Chic
Tel: (418) 696-0506
Web site:
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