Louis-Edmond-Hamelin Research Vessel



Description: In April 2011, the CEN added a mobile station to its network of research stations. The Louis-Edmond-Hamelin Research Vessel is a 26 foot aluminum Silver Dolphin which can be towed to any coastal destination. The vessel is authorized to operate up to 45 km from the shore.

Name of vessel: Louis-Edmond-Hamelin

Brand: Fab-Tech Industries Inc. (http://www.fab-tech.ca/)

Model: Silver Dolphin 26 #5

Structure: Aluminium

Date of consctruction: 2011

Type of construction: V Monohull

Cabin: Closed, Stand up cabin

Berth / bunk: No

Electrical system: 12 V, 5 kw battery

Length of hull: 7.93 m

Width of hull: 2.95 m

Draught: 0.70 m

Gross vehicle mass rating: 3 601 kg

Motor: Outboard

Number of motors: 2

Motor power: 135 HP, 100.71 kw

Minimum crew onboard: 2

Maximum crew onboard: 7

Operating capacity: Class 2 in exploitation sector (maximum distance from the shore: 25 nautical miles). Beaufort Scale 5 (maximum wave height 2 m and maximum wind speed of 25 knots)

Scientific equipment onboard:
Sediment grab / bucket
Short gravity corer
Ecosounder and profiler (CHIRP KNUDSEN 3212 of 3.5, 12 and 200 kHz)
Multibeam Ecosounder (TELEDYNE ODOM ES-3)
Inertial platform
Subsurface profiler (GEOACOUSTICS GEOPULSE PLUS from 0.5 to 13.5 kHz(
Interferometric bathymetric sonar (GEOACOUSTICS GEOSWATH (250 kHz))
Sidescan sonar (KLEIN 3000 )

Availability: The Louis-Edmond-Hamelin is available to all researchers. The rental of the vessel includes a boat capitain who has all of the competencies required by Transport Canada concerning the operation of small vessels. Please contact the people in charge (above). 



Responsable :
Dr. Patrick Lajeunesse, professor
Tel. : (418) 656-2131, ext: 5879
email: patrick.lajeunesse@ggr.ulaval.ca

Other contact :
Claudia Zimmermann
Research professional
Tel. : (418) 656-2131, ext: 5809
email: claudia.zimmermann@cen.ulaval.ca