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Twenty thousand leagues under nordic lakes
July 10, 2017

To the great surprise of researchers, the bottom of the centre of Lake Ward Hunt, the northern most lake of the American continent, is not completely frozen and is the home of over 1500 species of bacteria, archaea and eukaryotic microbes. A recent study published in npj Biofilms and Microbiomes by post-doctoral fellow Vani Mohit, CEN researchers Warwick Vincent, Alex Culley and Connie Lovejoy, and Frédéric Bouchard, describe for the first time the stunning diversity of life found in this hostile environment. Some of these microbes can survive in anoxic conditions and produce greenhouse gases which may amplify climate warming.

For more information you can read a short summary of the work in Le Fil (in French), refer to the primary research or listen to a CBC radio interview.


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