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Launch of the Circumpolar Diatom Database
December 20, 2016

CEN researcher Reinhard Pienitz and CEN research staff Luc Cournoyer recently published a paper describing the newly launched Circumpolar Diatom Database (CDD). This open-access online database (db) is a resource for the analysis of species distribution and abundance of diatoms in high-latittude circumpolar regions. In addition, the paper published in the Journal of Paleolomnology, describes various opportunities offered by the db for data exchange and input, which will be useful to paleolimnologists, limnologists, and northern researchers in related disciplines.

Pietnitz & Cournoyer. 2016. Circumpolar Diatom Database (CDD): a new database for use in paleolimnology and limnology. J. Paleolimnol. DOI 10.1007/s10933-016-9932-0


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