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Publication : permafrost research priorities according to early career scientists
September 11, 2015

A paper was published as a result from a workshop initiated and ran by early career scientists present during the ICARP III meeting which took place in Portugal last year. The young researchers, among which were members of the CEN, planned this workshop with the objective of discussing which research questions should be prioritize in permafrost science. They first designed an on-line survey to gather all relevant questions. These questions, reorganized in unifying subjects, were scrutinized, modified and improved by the workshop participants. The participants then voted to bring to light the five more pressing questions :  1) How does permafrost degradation affect landscape dynamics at different spatial and temporal scales?; 2) How can ground thermal models be improved to better reflect permafrost dynamics at high spatial resolution?; 3) How can traditional environmental knowledge be integrated in permafrost research?; 4) What is the spatial distribution of different ground-ice types and how susceptible is ice-rich permafrost to future environmental change?; et 5) What is the influence of infrastructures on the thermal regime and stability of permafrost in different environmental settings?.

Read here the publication on the journal The Cryosphere.


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