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Publication: Survival unrelated to distance of migration
May 25, 2015

A study by a team of researchers from France and Québec, including CEN researcher Gilles Gauthier, have demonstrated that greater snow geese migrating to the northern limit of their breeding area have the same adult survival rate than those migrating 800 km to the south to Bylot island. The researchers suggest that the cost associated with the longer distances could be offset by the reduced predation pressure and lower competition for food that the geese face at this higher latitude. These results are good news for wildlife managers, who can extrapolate the results to the whole of the the snow goose population, thus reducing significantly survival data sampling effort in other areas. The results have been published in a recent edition of the Journal of Wildlife Management.

You can read here a short article (in French) by Jean Hamann on the journal Le Fil of Université Laval about the publication.

Publication : Souchay, G., Gauthier, G., Lefèvre, J., & Pradel, R. (2015). Absence of difference in survival between two distant breeding sites of greater snow geese. The Journal of Wildlife Management. 79, 570-578. DOI:10.1002/jwmg.879.


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