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Caribou versus jobs
May 22, 2015

A proposal by the government of Québec to extend forest exploitation into the White Mountains area of the Saguenay region could significantly accelerate the decline of the already threatened caribou populations. For several years now, CEN researcher Martin-Hugues St-Laurent has been working with governement departments and the industry to integrate new knowledge emerging from research into caribou management and forestry planning in Québec. The government's intentions are to create many jobs by expanding the exploitation in the Saguenay, to pursue such an operation in the manner it is done today would only accentuate the decline of the caribou populations further. Researchers, along with many organisations concerned by the protection of natural environments such as Nature Québec, are pressing the authorities to consider alternative solutions for their exploitation plan.

You can read the article (in French) by Anne Caroline Desplanques published on May16th in the Journal de Montréal.


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