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Simon Charbonneau


Master student

Department of geography, Université de Montréal

Strathcona Building
520, Chemin de la Côte Ste-Catherine
Université de Montréal
Quebec, Canada
H2V 2B8







Research project

Area and physical properties of aquatic environments of the periglacial biogeosystem of Qalikturvik Valley, Bylot Island, Nunavut

Widespread in the arctic and sub-arctic regions, thermokarst ponds and lakes are the subject of special scientific attention in permafrost regions, because of their important implications for biogeochemical cycles of northern regions, especially the carbon cycle.
The overall objective of my master's project will be to assess the total area represented by each type of aquatic environments present within the Qalikturvik's valley geosystem on Bylot Island, Nunavut. Aquatic environments are very numerous (several thousand across the geosystem) and geospatial inventory represents a technical challenge.
More specifically, the objectives of my research project are: 1) to assess the total area occupied by aquatic environments of the studied geosystem; 2) to classify the types of aquatic environments (lakes and thermokarst ponds, ice-wedge polygons ponds, trough ponds and kettle lakes) based on certain physical parameters (depth, water temperature, bottom substrate, active layer/talik) and 3) to characterize the intra-annual and inter-annual spatiotemporal evolution of the various aquatic environments present within the valley.
The methodology used will combine the interpretation of historical aerial photographs, high resolution satellite images and high-resolution photographs obtained by helicopter and drone. Field measurements will combine the use of a differential GNSS, a total station and physical measurements of aquatic environments such as depth of water, type of substrate, water temperature and thaw front thickness.


Scientific communications

Muster, S., Roth, K., Langer, M., Lange, S., Cresto Aleina, F., Bartsch, A., Morgenstern, A., Grosse, G., Jones, B., Sannel, A.B.K., Sjöberg, Y., Günther, F., Andresen, C., Veremeeva, A., Lindgren, P.R., Bouchard, F., Lara, M.J., Fortier, D., Charbonneau, S., Virtanen, T.A., Hugelius, G., Palmtag, J., Siewert, M.B., Riley, W.J., Koven, C.D., Boike, J., 2017. PeRL: a circum-Arctic Permafrost Region Pond and Lake database. Earth System Science Data, 9(1): 317-348. DOI: 10.5194/essd-9-317-2017.

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