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Dominique Berteaux


Regular member

Department of biology, chemistry and geography, UQAR

Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR)300, allée des Ursulines, C. P. 3300
Quebec, Canada
G5L 3A1

418.723.1986 extension 1910



Research Themes

  • Effects of climate change on Quebec biodiversity
  • Feeding ecology of Nunavut large terrestrial carnivores: Wolverine, wolves, grizzly bear
  • Local ecological knowledge in northern ecosystems
  • Trophic relationships in the terrestrial mammal community of Bylot Island, Nunavut

CEN Students / Postdoctoral fellows

Caron Carrier, Jacob (Master). Spatial ecology of the arctic hare (Lepus arcticus), in Alert, Nunavut.

Chagnon-Lafortune, Aurélie (Master - Codirector). Modelisation of arthropod availability for insectivorous birds in the Arctic : past, present, future.

Clermont, Jeanne (Doctorate). Arctic fox movement and space use: the roles of prey distribution, territoriality and among-individual differences.

Desjardins, Émilie (Master). A Biodiversity Management Plan for the Canadian Forces Station Alert (Nunavut, Canada).

Gravel, Richard (Master). Natal and breeding dispersal of an arctic predator.

Grenier-Potvin, Alexis (Master). Fine scale movements and habitat selection of the arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) .

Lai, Sandra (Post-Doctorate fellow). Characterization of the food web at Alert, Ellesmere Island.


Recent CEN theses

Chevallier, Clément , 2018 (Doctorate). Demography and dynamics of an arctic foxes (Vulpes lagopus) population on Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada .

Gagnon, Catherine-Alexandra , 2018 (Doctorate). Resilience, vulnerability and wildlife resources in two Arctic communities of Canada.

Lapierre Poulin, Florence , 2018 (Master). Vulnerability of arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) dens to climate change in the canadian High Arctic .

L’Hérault, Vincent , 2018 (Doctorate). Ecology of large carnivores of Nunavut: studying predation to better understand terrestrial ecosystem of the Arctic.

Lai, Sandra , 2017 (Doctorate). Socio-spatial organization and movement strategy of an arctic fox population in a context of spatio-temporally fluctuating resources.

Fauteux, Dominique , 2016 (Doctorate - Codirection). Direct and indirect effects of predation on lemmings in the Canadian Arctic.

Gendreau, Yanick , 2016 (Doctorate). aucun.


Scientific communications

Gallant, D., Lecomte, N., Berteaux, D., 2020. Disentangling the relative influences of global drivers of change in biodiversity: A study of the twentieth‐century red fox expansion into the Canadian Arctic. Journal of Animal Ecology, 89(2): 565-576. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2656.13090.

Juhasz, C.-C., Shipley, B., Gauthier, G., Berteaux, D., Lecomte, N., 2020. Direct and indirect effects of regional and local climatic factors on trophic interactions in the arctic tundra. Journal of Animal Ecology, 89(3): 704-715. DOI: 10.1111/1365-2656.13104.

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Bélanger, S., Berteaux, D., Hueffer, K., Rees, E., Leighton, P.A., 2018. Ecology of rabies in the Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus). Gregory, D. (Editor). Taking the Bite out of rabies: The evolution of rabies management in Canada.

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Fauteux, D., Gauthier, G., Berteaux, D., Palme, R., Boonstra, R., 2018. High Arctic lemmings remain reproductively active under predator-induced elevated stress. Oecologia, 187(3): 657-666. DOI: 10.1007/s00442-018-4140-4.

Fauteux, D., Gauthier, G., Mazerolle, M.J., Coallier, N., Bêty, J., Berteaux, D., 2018. Evaluation of invasive and non-invasive methods to monitor rodent abundance in the Arctic. Ecosphere, 9(2): e02124. DOI: 10.1002/ecs2.2124.

Fauteux, D., Slevan-Tremblay, G., Gauthier, G., Berteaux, D., 2018. Life in the fast lane: learning from the rare multi-year recaptures of brown lemmings in the High Arctic. Arctic Science, 4(1): 146-151. DOI: 10.1139/AS-2017-0017.

Ferron, J., Berteaux, D., 2018. Les études sur la nordicité. Pages 503-511 in Doray, P., Dussault, E.-L., Rousseau, Y., Sauvageau, L. (Editors). L' Université du Québec 1968-2018: 50 ans de contributions éducatives et scientifiques au développement du Québec. Presses de l'Université du Québec. Quebec, Canada.

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