Guy Doré (Regular member)


Adrien-Pouliot Building
Room 2908
Université Laval
1065 avenue de la Médecine
Québec, Canada
G1V 0A6

Phone: (418) 656-2131 ext. 2203

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NSERC industrial research Chair on the interaction of heavy loads/climate/pavement (Chair i3C)

Research theme
• Infrastructure engineering on permafrost
• Transport infrastructure management in cold Canadian climate conditions
• Long-term behaviour of materials and pavement structures
• Traffic action and climate effect on pavement

CEN Students / Postdoctoral fellows
Brooks, Heather (Ph.D.). Quantitative risk analysis of linear infrastructure on permafrost: geotechnical properties to social impacts.
Kong, Xiangbing (Ph.D.). Assess the performance of different mitigation techniques to preserve permafrost under north transportation infrastructures.
Lamontagne, Vincent (M.Sc.). Monitoring of thermal and mechanical behavior of adaptation to climates changes in the access road to the Salluit Airport.
Lanouette, Florence (M.Sc.). Development of a design procedure of transportation infrastructures built on permafrost taking into account accumulation of snow along embankment.
Loranger, Benoit (M.Sc.). Identification and characterization of thaw sensitive soils: Geophysical and thermal analysis methods.
Malenfant Lepage, Julie (Ph.D.). Development of a methodology for the design of low-impact drainage systems along transportation infrastructure in permafrost environments.
Parent, Marilyne (M.Sc.). Study of the mechanical mechanisms responsible for the degradation of a road embankment built on permafrost.
Richard, Caroline (M.Sc.). Thermal stabilisation of transport infrastructure built on unstable permafrost using high albedo surface.
Segui, Pauline (Postdoctoral fellow). Technology optimization of cellular glass in civil engineering: a recycled material suitable for construction in cold region.
Sylvestre, Olivier (M.Sc.).
Sylvestre, Olivier (M.Sc.). Influence of frost heave on pavement service life.

Recent CEN theses
Durand-Jézéquel, Mathieu, 2016 (M.Sc.). Mechanical behaviour of marginally frozen soils.
Grégoire, Laurie-Anne, 2016 (M.Sc.). Analysis of road profiles: Impact of seasonal frost and permafrost degradation.
Malenfant Lepage, Julie, 2016 (M.Sc.). Experimentation of mitigation techniques to reduce the effects of permafrost degradation on transportation infrastructures at Beaver Creek experimental road site, Alaska Highway, Yukon.
Flécheux, Cédric, 2015 (M.Sc.). Development of a core-barrel for an in situ characterization of permafrost.
Périer, Loriane, 2015 (M.Sc.). Study of the influence of water temperature and flow rate on the thermal regime around culverts built on permafrost.
Dumais, Simon, 2014 (M.Sc.). Evaluation of high albedo road surfacing in northern environment.
Gravel Gaumond, Félix, 2014 (M.Sc.). Monitoring the thermal and mechanical behaviours of Puvirnituq airstrip.

Scientific communications
Youdjari, D., Doré, G., Bilodeau, J.-P.
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Bilodeau, J.-P., Ouellet Plamondon, C., Doré, G.
, 2016. Estimation of resilient modulus of unbound granular materials used as pavement base: combined effect of grain-size distribution and aggregate source frictional properties. Materials and Structures. DOI: 10.1617/s11527-016-0793-9. (In press)
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Gagnon, L., Richard, M.J., Doré, G.
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