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  Wetland Productivity  
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Plant productivity on Bylot Island varies greatly among years. Over the last decade, plant productivity in the Qarlikturvik Valley has also shown increasing trends (see Wetlands). wetland with Eriophorum Scheuchzeri – milieu humide avec Eriophorum Scheuchzeri © Anna M. Calvert

In order to better understand those variations, we examined plant productivity in Qarlikturvik Valley in relation with climatic factors such as air temperature,s number of days above 0°C, number of degree-days above 0°C, precipitation, radiation and timing of snowmelt.

Our analysis revealed that plant biomass in Qarlikturvik Valley is influenced by air temperature and thawing degree-days in July, the month during which most of the plant growth occurs. Indeed, biomass of all graminoids (see Wetlands) and biomass of Eriophorum both increased with warmer July temperatures. Similarly, the biomasses of all graminoids and Eriophorum are greater in years with greater number of July thawing degree-days. For other climatic factors, there was no relationship found.