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  Pond Inlet  
Nanisivik © Marie-Christine Cadieux

Air Temperature

Similar to Pond Inlet, there is a strong detectable trend in annual air temperature at Nanisivik from 1977 to 2007. Analyses have shown that temperatures have increased by 0.6°C every 10 years, which represents a gain of 1.8°C over the past 3 decades.

Nanisivik’s spring temperatures also showed strong increasing tendencies over the last 30 years. The rate of increase for spring air temperature is 0.9°C per decade, for a total of 2.7°C over the last 30 years. Summer temperatures have shown strong warming trends as well, increasing by an average of 0.7°C every decade, for a total heat gain of 2.1°C over the last 30 years. Similar to Pond Inlet, fall air temperatures have shown a dramatic warming trend. Temperatures have increasing by 1.2°C every 10 years. This represents a gain of 3.6°C since 1977. No trend was detectable for the winter.




Over the last 30 years, Nanisivik experienced a strong increasing trend in summer rainfall. This trend showed a rate of increase of 20.5 mm of summer rainfall per decade. For snowfall, spring precipitation demonstrated a strong increasing trend (17.6 cm of snow every 10 years) while winter precipitation showed a weak increase of 3.8 cm every decade. No detectable trend was observed for the fall snowfall.