The Avativut project

The project

The goal of the project "Science in Nunavik, high school students learning in relation to their territory" is to make science and technology practical and meaningful for Inuit youth by involving them in the actual data collection related to their environment. Inuit youth can contribute to long-term environmental monitoring and better understanding of northern ecosystems in Nunavik in the context of climate change.

Avativut, La science au Nunavik

William Bibeau (left) et Justin Lingard (right)

Hands-on learning activities (HOLA)

The involvement of students is done through various hands-on learning activities (HOLA) integrated into lessons on science and technology. The first two HOLA have been developed for high school students from Nunavik (Northern Quebec), in collaboration with experts in education, the Kativik School Board and the Avataq Cultural Institute. They include monitoring of the ice cover and of the productivity of berries. The implementation of these HOLA in the curriculum in Science and Technology of the Kativik School Board will take place in 2012-2013 (berry and snow) and 2013-2014 (ice). Data are collected according to standard protocols developed by scientists and provided to students as part of HOLA.

Avativut, Science in Nunavik

The Avativut web site

The web portal "Avativut", which means "our environment" in Inuktitut, allows input, access and archiving of data and photos collected during the HOLA in all Nunavik communities. The portal also allows consultation of scientific protocols, watching video clips, communication between classes and with scientists through a forum and location of experimental sites. The database will grow in value over time and will help to archive the state of the environment in real time, thus providing an "environmental snapshot" of the Nunavik.